Hillbilly Green… yep that’s right!

Hillbilly Green… yep that’s right!

I’ve teamed up with a good buddy of mine, Brian “Burrito” Bretoi to start a design and maintenance landscaping business. The name of the business is called “Hillbilly Green”. Our slogan is “two men and a goat”. We figured that a couple of hillbilly country boys and their goat sidekick where just the right combination for this off the wall landscaping business. Everyone else has all of the either father and son business names or some fancy, elegant name. I didn’t want to go there and Brian and I are always laughing about something and we’re a couple of the biggest hillbilly’s you’ll find. The funny part about this company is that the goat is the smartest one out of the bunch.

Where did the idea to create a t-shirt line come from?

Most people who know me, know that I’m not a basketball fan. But a couple of my good buddies are LA Laker fans so I was watching the LA Lakers play the Dallas Mavericks in game four of the playoffs and the Lakers got their butts hand delivered to them by the Mavericks. It was an amazing game to watch, especially all the 3-pointers that where made. Anyway, I jumped on ebay to find a Mavericks t-shirt and I came across this ebay’er that has over 12,000 shirts in his store, it was very simple, just two color choices, black or grey, with one color print on them. Very simplistic. I thought to myself, this is a great idea, and he was selling a ton of shirts for very cheap price.

I did more research and found a number of other entrepreneurial individuals that have become quite successful with their lines. So I called up Brian, told him about this idea and we came up with a business model and marketing plan for Hillbilly Green. We felt that this would be a great viral marketing plan for the business.

Ok, so what’s with the goat?

I’m constantly coming up with creative and funny ideas. It’s just my personality. Given both Brian’s and my personality, between the two of us, we needed a sidekick. I was looking at a picture of my kid one day and thought “GOAT!!”. That’s perfect! A goat likes grass and out in the country, back in the hills, when the mower’s broke down, just you just borrow one of your neighbors goats and put in the yard, in a couple of days, your yard looks perfect! So now we have our sidekick.

Here’s are the first of many designs to come…


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