Wanna Rollback to OS X Lion 10.7? Try This!

Wanna Rollback to OS X Lion 10.7? Try This!

Ran into some problems when you upgraded to the new and all powerful Mountain Lion, didn’t you!?

Well, I did too!! I was all excited to experience some of the new 200 features in ML, only to find out that some things just didn’t work. Like my new Numark NS6 with Serato Itch! WT@!? It stopped recognizing the controller. So after a few dozen latte’s from the ‘bucks, I went on a mission to find a solution, so I could continue to pursue my illustrious career as a world renowned hillbilly DJ. Let the dreamin’ begin..

So for those of you who have similar dreams or are just pissed off about jumpin the gun a little early, here’s a couple of solutions.

Solution #1

Go to support.apple.com/kb/DL1433 and download the OS X Recovery Assistant. *** This will ONLY work if you have an existing Recovery HD on your mac.

Solution #2

If you are not able to use Solution #1 then your ONLY other option is to get a copy of Lion OS X 10.7 by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE. Select “personal” when prompted. When you get live person ask them if you qualify for a free version by giving them the serial number from your mac. If you don’t qualify for the free version, then you will have to purchase a copy for $30.

I hope this helps some of you out.

Before you do anything, consider this

You might want to create an install drive for either or both Mountain Lion and Lion 10.7 for the future. Get yourself a couple of 8GB flash drives and watch this youtube video


  • Wow that is a pain. I’m usually all for Apple being on the bleeding edge of things. But im trying to resell a mac that i upgraded to 10.8 and need to put it back in 10.7 of licensing reasons but have no way of doing it unless i am out 30 bucks


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